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Our synthetic needled felts 100% PES

  1. Greatly improved anti-pilling and tensile strength
  2. Excellent water repellent and soil resistant finish
  3. Soft hand feeling, good elasticity and easy to work with
  4. High-grade colour fastness to washing
  5. High-grade colour fastness to light from 3rd up to more than 4th degree.
  6. Trendy mélange colours
  7. No-run, clear cut
  8. Human-friendly materials that do not contain any harmful substances
  9. Perfectly suitable for a very wide range of fashion, home and industrial applications


Thickness, weight and density:

  1. Artifel M20:- 2mm–2,2mm, 420gr/m² - resp. ~469gr/rm, Density 0,21gr/cm³

  2. Artifel M25: ------ 2,5mm, 500gr/m² - resp. ~559gr/rm, Density 0,20gr/cm³

  3. Royal Fashion Soft: 1mm,  200gr/m² -- resp. ~224gr/rm, Density 0,20gr/cm³

  4. Royal Fashion Hard:1,2mm, 200gr/m² - resp. ~224gr/rm, Density 0,17gr/cm³

  5. Artifel M35: ------ 3,5mm, 850gr/m² - resp. ~950gr/rm, Density 0,24gr/cm³

  6. Artifel M40: ------ 4mm,   850gr/m² -- resp. ~950gr/rm, Density 0,21gr/cm³

  7. Artifel MW30: --- 3,0mm, 600gr/m², 30%wool/70%synthetic Density 0,20gr/cm³


Width and running meters per roll

  1. Artifel M20 2mm: -------------- width 1,10m, 30 rm/roll

  2. Artifel M25 2,5mm: ------------ width 1,10m, 30 rm/roll

  3. Royal Fashion Soft 1mm: ------ width 1,10m, 50 rm/roll
  4. Royal Fashion Hard 1,2mm: ---- width ~1,12m,45,72 rm/roll

  5. Artifel M35 3,5mm: ------------  width 1,10m, 10 rm/roll

  6. Artifel M40 4mm: --------------  width 1,10m, 10 rm/roll

  7. Artifel MW30 3,0mm: ------------width 1,10m, 20 rm/roll


Photos of the felts and some prototypes






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